9th Annual Sonic
Mid-South Marching Classic

October 5, 2013

Congratulations To
Houston High School 

Smith & Spencer Nesvick, Directors 

2013 SONIC MSMC Grand Champion

2013 Sonic MSMC Score Composite

         2013 Sonic MSMC Awards Sheet

2013 Adjudication Staff


Jim Lloyd

Arkadelphia High School


Monty Hill

Mills University Studies High School


Shawn Sullivan

Starkville High School (MS)


Daniel Hodge

Springdale High School


Aaron Seel

Arkadelphia High School


Trey Antonetti

Fayetteville High School

Field Commander

Philip Shewmaker

Batesville High School









General Information 

Any high school band in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, or Mississippi that is a member of its State Band Association is invited to participate. This event has been sanctioned by the Arkansas Activities Association.

Click on the 2013 Contest Online Registration tab above to enter online. The non-refundable entry fee is $175. Make checks payable to Jonesboro Band Boosters and send to:

Jonesboro High School Band Boosters
Attn. Steve Warner
301 Hurricane Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Deadline for Registration is September 20, 2013.

You may also download a contest entry form and enter the contest via the mail. Your band is officially enrolled in our contest when we receive your entry fee.

Classification is determined by the total number of musicians performing (winds + percussion). A band may enter a higher classification but not a lower classification. Bands cannot change classifications after registration. Performance times will be based upon registration postmark within class. The earlier postmarks will perform later in their class. If two or more bands, within a class, have the same postmark, their performance time will be determined by a random draw.

 BLACK  Class A  1-29
   Class AA  30-50
   Class AAA  51-69
 GOLD  Class AAAA  70-105
   Class AAAAA  106+

Performance order will be based upon registration postmark within class. The earlier postmarks will perform later in their class. If two or more bands , within a class, have the same postmark, their performance time will be determined by a random draw.

Show Length/Time Issues
There is no minimum or maximum show length. Each band will have 20 minutes of "stadium time." This time begins when the first member of the band enters the gate and ends when the last member of the band exits the gate. Excluded from this limit are people setting up pit percussion, props, etc.  Colorguard members count as band members and will start the time when they enter the gate. Bands that exceed the 20 minute time limit will penalized .2 points per every fraction of 15 seconds over time.

Field Use
Oversized Equipment: Large pieces of equipment, or "props" such as stages, platforms and backdrops are permitted as long as the equipment does not damage the field.

Pyrotechnics: No fire or fireworks will be allowed in the stadium, nor will any prop or effect that could potentially damage or leave residue on the contest field.(i.e. confetti, baby powder, etc.). Bands who violate this rule will be DISQUALIFIED, and no refund given.

The Mid-South Marching Classic uses a caption-judged format. There are four band judges. Each judge will responsible for a portion of the band's total score. No scores will be dropped and no averages are taken.

Two judges are assigned to the MUSIC CAPTION. The Music Judges will each be responsible for 25% ot the band's score, and therefore, will constitute 50% of the band's total score. One judge will be assigned to the VISUAL CAPTION and one judge will be assigned to the EFFECT CAPTION. Each of these captions constitute 25% of the band's score. EFFECT is defined as the relationship between the musical and visual presentations. While they may contribute to the band's effect, audience reaction and special effects are not being judged.

There is one judge each for PERCUSSION, COLORGUARD and FIELD COMMANDERS.  These judges determine placement and awards within their captions  they do not affect the band's score.

A numerical score determines the band's rating and ranking. Ratings will be assigned as follows:

 I  Superior  80-100
 II  Excellent      60-79.9
 III      Average  40-59.9
 IV  Below Average  0-39.9

Ties in scores will not be broken.

Trophies will be awarded  for the following accomplishments:
Class Awards Division Awards Overall Awards
Band Superior & Excellent Ratings  1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Bands  Most Entertaining Band
1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Bands Outstanding Music Performance Top Bands 1st-5th Place
1st, 2nd Place Colorguard  Outstanding Visual Performance  Grand Champion
1st, 2nd Place Percussion Outstanding General Effect   
1st, 2nd Place Field Commander     
Outstanding Soloist Award    

The Top Five Bands, regardless of classifcation, will be considered "Finalists."       


If weather conditions are considered by the contest director to be unsafe, the contest will be declared a "rainout." Unsafe conditions include, but are not limited to, extremely heavy rain, the presence of lightning, and the issuance of severe weather warnings.

If the contest is called a "rainout" before the contest begins, the contest will move indoors and the competition will become a standstill competition.

Concessions, Souvenirs, and Videos will be available on site.
* Water Stations are located at each warm-up area and at field exits.
* Newly refurbished stadium turf.
* Pre-packaged meals for your organization will be made available upon request.

Contest History

2012 Mid-South Results   Paragould High School Band, Grand Champion

2011 Mid-South Results   Union City High School Band, Grand Champion

2010 Mid-South Results   Paragould High School Band, Grand Champion

2009 Mid-South Results   Union City High School Band, Grand Champion

2008 Mid-South Results   Paragould High School Band, Grand Champion








































































































































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