Veteran's Parade - Saturday morning - November 8

9:25 a.m.      
Band meets for Parade behind vacant lot (where Central Baptist Church used to be) at Main and Cherry.
We will gather on the paved parking lot behind this vacant lot (next to Cardiology Associates of Northeast Arkansas - red                     brick bldg). 
The band will meet in full uniform. Directors will pass out plumes once you  arrive. Students will provide their own                 transportation to and from the parade. This includes instruments and equipment.

Line-up for parade.  Warm-up.

Parade begins. Route is down Main St, turning left on Huntington (past Dragon City), then left onto Union.                                     Parade ends between Courthouse & 1st Methodist Church.

Approximate parade end time (not sure on this as list of entrants has not been provided). We will take up                                     plumes at the end of the parade.

*Band Hall will be open for 30 minutes following the parade for band members to return instruments/equipment.

*Band members will return uniforms on Monday in garment bag. Band hall will open at 7:30 a.m.

Private Lessons 


 2015 All-American Marching Band Members
Aaron Hong & Asa Puckett

Congratulations to Mr. Grant Harbison

Recipient of the 2014 Arkansas Outstanding Young Band Director Award


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