All-State Lesson Schedule JAN 26-30

Congratulations 2015 All-Region Band Members!

 Michaela Walker  Flute        1st Band-4th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Claudia Gonzales  Flute   1st Band-6th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Karina Arellano  Flute  1st Band-9th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Jillian Carey  Flute  1st Band-11th Chair  
 Callie Stockert  Flute  2nd Band-11th Chair  
 Cassie Kittaweesin  Flute  Alternate  
 Aaron Hong  Oboe  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Brianna Allen  Bassoon  1st Band-2nd Chair  All-State T.O.
 Zach Lynn  Bassoon  2nd Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Taylor Wilson  Clarinet  1st Band-4th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Andrew Eckert  Clarinet  1st Band-8th Chair   All-State T.O.
 Kaitlyn Stockert  Clarinet  1st Band-13th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Julianne Sellers  Clarinet  1st Band-14th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Sophie Moore  Clarinet  1st Band-24th Chair  
 Truddie Lloyd  Clarinet  2nd Band-6th Chair  
 Audrey Hernandez  Clarinet  Alternate  
 Sabrina Richardson  Bass Clarinet  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Skye Keeton  Contra Clar  1st Band-2nd Chair  All-State T.O.
 Jesse Bankston  Alto Saxophone  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Richard Rayevskiy  Alto Saxophone  1st Band-3rd Chair  All-State T.O.
 Corey Huffine  Alto Saxophone  1st Band-4th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Ben Luper  Tenor Saxophone  1st Band-2nd Chair  All-State T.O.
 Krystian Roedel  Tenor Saxophone  2nd Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Shakira Crawford  Bari Saxophone  2nd Band-2nd Chair  
 Legend Chandler  Bari Saxophone  Alternate  
 Asa Puckett  Trumpet  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Michael Deal  Trumpet  1st Band-2nd Chair  All-State T.O.
 Brandon Wallace  Trumpet  1st Band-3rd Chair  All-State T.O.
 Mason Taylor  Trumpet  1st Band-10th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Caleb Stockert  Trumpet  1st Band-13th Chair  Alt-ASTO
 Kacie Burrow  Trumpet  2nd Band-2nd Chair  Alt-ASTO
 Keaton Early  Trumpet  2nd Band-10th Chair  
 Casey Garwood  Horn  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Samantha Risi  Horn  1st Band-4th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Aaron Lovell  Horn  1st Band-8th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Chris Hutson  Horn  2nd Band-2nd Chair  
 Kadeem Spriggs  Horn  2nd Band-4th Chair  
 Sam Johnston  Trombone  1st Band-5th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Coy Ferrell  Trombone  2nd Band-5th Chair  
 Alan Arreola  Trombone  Alternate  
 Daniel Greene  Bass Trombone  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Nick Mata  Bass Trombone   2nd Band-2nd Chair  
 Tyler Tanksley  Euphonium  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Kazia Davis  Euphonium  1st Band-5th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Silas Pizzutielo  Euphonium  2nd Band-6th Chair  
 Christian Kitterman  Tuba  1st Band-2nd Chair  All-State T.O.
 Austin Vance  Tuba  Alternate  
 Spencer Rawlins  String Bass  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Chris Isom  Percussion  1st Band-1st Chair  All-State T.O.
 Zach Charette  Percussion  1st Band-8th Chair  All-State T.O.
 Ben Montoya  Percussion  2nd Band-4th Chair  
 Rachel Washam  Percussion  2nd Band-7th Chair  
 Gabe Looney  Percussion  Alternate  


 2015 All-American Marching Band Members
Aaron Hong & Asa Puckett

Congratulations to Mr. Grant Harbison

Recipient of the 2014 Arkansas Outstanding Young Band Director Award


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